Dungeons and Damages Tool

Hello everyone! And welcome to this week's Dungeons and Dragons Tool. I'm your host, the internet, bringing you a pain free Dungeon and Damages tool for all the fantastic Dungeon Masters (D.M's) out there!

This tool aims to provide a way for Dungeon Master's to show their players critical information for a given encounter; such as character initiative, action holding, afflictions and other DM information such as elapsed time, round counter, and XP tracker when adding enemies.

Ultimately it will use two windows in your browser; one for the DM to view and update, and one for the players to view.

Note: No information is stored on the server - it is all stored in your browser's local storage - hence it is for local play only.

If you like it and would like me to develop it for everyone to go to the site to see your current encounter - send me some feedback from the link in the navigation bar!

To get started, please click Here!

Having trouble figuring it out? Click Here for a detailed guide on what everything does.

Happy rolling!